Land Swap Public Hearing Information

May 21, 2024
Land Swap
Public Hearing

Date: May 21, 2024  

Time: 6:30 PM  

Location: American Legion Building located at 168 Glenwood Ave, Cave Springs Arkansas  

This is the official public hearing where public input will be welcomed and allowed pertaining to the commonly known land swap between the City of Cave Springs and the City of Rogers. The proposed land swap would give 252 aces of Cave Springs to Rogers and 529 acres of Rogers to Cave Springs. This swap would connect the City of Cave Springs that has remained an island since the late 1990s when the city was split due to forced de-annexation permitted by “Act 779”. The offical vote to consider an ordinance to concur in the simultaneous detachment and annexation will take place for both cities May 28, 2024 at their scheduled City Council meeting.