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Every city is unique, with different populations, residential density, urbanization, infrastructure, utility systems, etc. and because of these differences each City’s Ordinances are unique to that city. Nowhere is this more evident than in a City’s Planning and Zoning Ordinances because they support the City’s individual character today and plan for its unmatched potential for the future.

A prime example of differences between City Zoning Ordinances has to do with the different actual zoning districts. An example is that Cave Springs and Tontitown Ordinances define R-4 as Single Family Residential with each city having slightly different specifications for the lots. Lowell’s Single Family Zoning Ordinance Ends with R-3 which is Single Family Residential with much different specifications. Bentonville’s Zoning Ordinance defines R-4 as High Density Multifamily Residential and Springdale has SF-4 for Single Family residential. Some cities have different definitions for the same designation and others have similar definitions for different designations.

Just as every city is different, so are their ordinances, with Zoning Ordinances in particular reflecting those differences. The only thing that comes from reviewing another city’s zoning ordinance to determine the meaning of a Cave Springs’ Zoning designation is confusion and posting that information is sharing that confusion. If you have a zoning question for Cave Springs, email David at or Randall at and we will be glad to provide accurate Cave Springs information.