New Leash Law

Leash Law Updated
Updated Leash Law
New Leash Law Update

The City of Cave Springs recently updated the leash law, to eliminate confusion. The new Ordinance states that Confinement of a dog to the owner’s property, or, when off the owner’s property, to be under control by leash. Hunting dogs, when accompanied by their owner on a hunt, are considered to be under reasonable RESTRAINT, as long as the animal has affixed to it a collar with a hunting tag and a current rabies vaccination tag. Under this circumstance, the owner will not be subject to a fine unless the animal has caused damage.

The hunting dog exemption is, and has been there for several years, because Cave Springs has hunting provisions, limited to agricultural zones, of a size of 40 acres or more with very strict safety specifications for gun type, shot size and distances from property boundaries, roads and structures.